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Download Attack on Titan For Macbook and iMac

Attack on Titan(進撃の巨人 or Shingeki no Kyojin), known in Europe as A.O.T.: Wings of Freedom, is an action beat ’em up video game based on Hajime Isayama’s manga series of the same name released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in Japan. It was released on February 18, 2016, in Japan. On April 7, Koei Tecmo announced a Western release in North America and Europe for August 2016. Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One versions were also revealed.

Attack on Titan for Macbook and iMac closely follows the riveting story-line of the anime’s first season and focuses on the exploits of various key characters, putting the player in a position to relive its most shocking, courageous and exhilarating moments. It revolves around the story of three young people who survive the destruction of their walled city district by enormous, man-eating Titans and eventually go on to join the Scout Regiment in order to protect humanity from this overpowering foe.

In Attack on the titan for Mac OS there are two parts to the main campaign, also called Attack Mode. This is where you play through the original story of Attack on Titan, including an epilogue with some extra battles based on the manga. During Attack Mode, you will have a home base where you can upgrade your equipment, create new weapons and gear, and purchase a war horse to use on the battlefield.

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The other part of Attack Mode are the survey missions. In order to access more chapters of the epilogue, you need to complete survey missions and finish side quests you receive from characters located in the home base. Completing missions for the story and survey missions will reward you with EXP for playable characters, materials for upgrading, and other extras.
Download Attack on Titan for Macbook and iMac now and enjoy the action packed survival game where you kill the humongous titans as you save your friends and the whole town. Download Attack on titans for macbook now to unlock many items for your characters.


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